LouisDreyfus is one of the leading sugar trading companies with excellent reputation in the world sugar market. The headquarter of sugar division is in Geneva and it controls the world raw/white cash sugar trading through domestic agencies in over 50 countries. Meanwhile, Louisdreyfus now becomes the second largest sugar producer in Brazil with continuous assets investment.

    After many years of business cooperation, we have built good and solid relationship with customers in America, Central East, Africa and Southeast Asia, etc., And we have superiority and increased influence on cash trading and consistent position in NYBOT and London futures market with the support from the company's own sugar mills in brazil and freight team.

   Louisdreyfus ( Beijing ) Trading Company was founded in 2006 and since then his employee scale increased to 150 in the past years with the fast business expansion. China sugar team, as one of the most import department of Louisdreyfus Beijing, grow quickly and made a great success in the past two years.  As we gradually moving closer to the Chinese market and get more and more involved, we have built good relationship with many refineries and sugar trading groups in China, and we will further the cooperation in domestic cash and international processing trade in the future .